We thought we were invincible but the reality soon caught up with us.
We thought everything was possible, we thought we were masters of a world we hardly knew.

We had dreams full of dreams, dreams of adventures and incredible journeys. We dreamed to leave a trace to become someone.

Over time we have learned to survive in the reality around us. Our dreams of grandeur have died out and we have become points in the crowd, a comma, a statistic.

This story is mine, it's your story is our story. We, who have learned to tell the difference between dreams and reality, between what we want and what we can.

When is everything changed? When did my life become what it is today? Would one day wake up full of regret? Of all that I have never accomplished.

It is by asking these thousands of questions to myself that one day I was afraid. Afraid of what I was becoming. Afraid of everything around me. Afraid to leave without anyone realizing it, leaving no trace. It's this fear that drives me to leave.

It's my story and that's how I managed to change my life.