well, this article is going to be about my experiences with ghost or maybe ghosts. this article is pretty serious and i just need to share it with other people.

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i don't know where to start. maybe i should start with the thing which happened few moments ago and it made me to write this article.

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i'm sitting in the kitchen, chatting with friends on my notebook, drinking my favorite coffee and just resting together with one of my cats which was lying at the table in front of my notebook. she was calm, cleaning her fur and she looked really satisfied. but suddenly, something or someone made a sound which freaked me out. oh god, i can tell you i have goosebumps while writing this article.

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the sound. it sounded like scratching the wood with your nail and then, there was really loud knocking sound on the table. you know what is the worst thing? that i'm alone here, my brother is sleeping after his night shift and i'm alone here. oh well, maybe i'm not that alone. i was freaked out. my cat was looking at the chair which is in front of me.

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yesterday, i was alone at home. my brother was at the night shift and mum is in a hospital. my cats were in the kitchen with me and they were acting really weird. i thought i'm not alone but i was like, "nah, they're just playing around!"

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but the cats was still staring at one point, like there would be someone. they didn't react to my callings and they looked like they were freezed. one of the cats started running around, it looked like she was playing with someone or something because she looks ike that when someone plays with her. well, i thought it's my uncle who died one year ago but these weird things have been there 3 or 2 years ago.

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the cat was with me in bed, she was cuddling with me and suddenly, she stopped, sat up and she was staring to the kitchen again. she didn't react to my calling.

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last week, i was lying in my bed, playing with phone but i was ready to sleep. my room was dark and i have a guitar. i leaned the guitar on my bookcase. everything was okay but suddenly, the guitar started playing and then it fell off.

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i have a lot of more experiences with ghosts and maybe i'll write another article about it but that's all for now. i'd love to record a video about it.

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at the end of this, i want to tell you, maybe you can't see it but it doesn't mean you're alone.