I noticed something a while ago, we where writing and my teacher asked how the things we thought as a child has changed. I then thought back to the things I thought as a child, I used to think everyone was nice and everyone loved everyone. I never saw people as their race or religion, I just saw people as people. I thought everyone was happy because I couldn't find a reason why anyone wouldn't be happy. If we all just viewed this world through the mind of a child we will learn we are really all similar. Before you were taught certain people were scary because of what they believe in, or what they look like. The mind of a child is so innocent and loving. I love children for this reason. At school, you may be called fat or ugly but kids don't look at physical features, they look at your heart. Children think everything is happy. In a five-hour car ride? The more time to talk and play with their toys. Waiting in line? that just means that there are a lot of people around that they can say hi too! Everyone is an innocent child at one point no matter where they go later in life or where they were from. So next time you go to judge someone for their physical appearance or beliefs remember they too where that little child holding there mommies hand while they looked at all the people and things around them. They were at one point that toddler that gets a lollipop after their doctor's appointment. And they where that child thinking how wonderful life is as they looked at the pretty blue sky or counted the stars. And then realize that there are many children that too early lost their innocents and learned the world isn't perfect. There are children every day praying for there lives while so many people sit by and watch the stories on the news. Be kind to everyone, love everyone. For if you spread happiness, others will too.