Some weeks later I'm still here.
I'm laying in my bed thinking about me, you, us. This rare feeling comes back everytime our eyes crossed, you look at me from my feet to my hair, like a ray x machine.
That embarasing moment when I catch you staring at me and you don't remouve your eyes of me.

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The thing is that I can't find the words to explain what I feel, I don't even kown really. Yesterday you said the life was most simple. But I can't see it in that way, all it's just so complicated.

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When I begin to feel comfortable with these eyes looking at me, I find that there are more eyes watching. More than I could ever imagine. And then there is that friend who hates love because she is devastated, and even when she feels for someone, she prefers to push them towards me, as if I were going to welcome them.

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Maybe I shoud talk with the darkness, it's being a long night and maybe I just should sleep.