There's not any specifics about this playlist, like the age of the song, genre, and artist. I just put any song that's currently in my playlist (of course I change them time to time though). Please message me if there are any song recommendations for me🤗

She's Mine- VAV

So they aren't that well-known in Kpop, but this is their latest song and it's gaining a lot of recognition and I encourage you to check it out!

BANG- After School

Okay, so this is a CLASSIC in Kpop and one of the few songs that I enjoyed after listening to it once. Yeah, it's old, but I promise that the beat is still as catchy as these new songs!

B-DAY- iKon

I honestly don't know how to describe this song except as a banger! I don't just love this song, but the whole NEW KIDS: BEGIN album.

GOOD NIGHT- Dreamcatcher

These days, Dreamcatcher has gotten a lot of recognition and is even a nominee in the MAMAs! This song is like the "second part" to their story, and I find it just as exciting as the first! If anyone knows Dreamcatcher, they would know that they're trying a new concept that is rare for a girl group!

iffy- Sik-K, pH-1, Jay Park (Prod. by GroovyRoom)

I confess, no this isn't a Kpop song, but it's K-rap. But this song is sooo good that I almost have no words for it.It's a cool, mellow song that you would listen to when you're bored and want to get hype to as the 3 artists are rapping life heck!


I mean, it's WINNER! The song is a bop. This song really needs more recognition, since it's my favorite song by them that released this year (Really Really is another song you should check out tho). But speaking as an INNER CIRCLE, I would like everyone to listen to this summer vibe song.

G-Dragon & T.O.P- Don't Go Home

I just happened to find this song by chance, and it really gives out old, yet good vibes! Totally recommended if you either like old-timey songs and style or just want to see GD acting cute af!


I have to say, I liked this song a lot better than their first song, and this song gave me hope about MOMOLAND, but I need more time to get a connection with them to say I'm a part of the fandom. Nevertheless, this is such a cute and upbeat song!Highly recommended to anyone that likes small girl groups.


"My angel(s), and my girls, my sunshine(s)"- Jessica. I'm obsessed with these girls ever since they covered Block-B's HER!!! My favorite song from them is Hwi Hwi, but I encourage you to listen to their other songs. The girls aren't that well-known, but they have quality music!

24K- Super Fly

A FIRST TIME BANGER!!! I promise you that it will get stuck in your head and that replay button won't even work anymore! This song is 110% hype! It's a hidden jewel only a few know about!
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