Bonjour mes amies! I love looking through what other hearters enjoy musically, and I thought 'gee why don't I share my interests too?', and so that is exactly what I decided to do. I generally like pretty known artists from approximately the 70s and 80s or the 2010s. I bit mixed I know, but I hope you guys might take to listening to some of these or share your opinions about them too!

(These aren't in any favourite order)

1. Lana Del Rey

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I love Lana and, as I know, many others do too. I personally often find myself listening to Million Dollar Man, Off to the Races, Blue Jeans, This Is What Makes Us Girls, and Lolita.

2. The Tragically Hip

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I've always loved The Hip, growing up with it,and their very unique sound. I love New Orleans Is Sinking, Cordelia, and Fireworks. In memory of the Canadian hero, Gord Downie.

3. Harry Styles

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As everyone on the face of the planet has heard, Harry dropped his debut earlier this year, bringing us a great mixture of classic rock, and a mellow pop with my personal favourites, Woman, Sign of the Times, and Carolina.

4. Bon Jovi

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Late 80's rock, and nothing like the before two, I feel like everyone has heard at least one Bon Jovi song in their lifetime. Classics include Livin' on a Prayer, Wanted Dead or Alive, Who Says You Can't Go Home, and You Give Love a Bad Name among many others.

5. Ed Sheeran

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Everyone and their Grandma listens to Ed Sheeran it seems, but I can understand why. I love the Divide album with Galway Girl, and Castle on the Hill.

6. Bryan Adams

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Here I am listening to way too many songs by him to really pick favourites. However, for the newbie listener I will recommend C'Mon, C'Mon, C'Mon, Summer of '69, Cuts Like a Knife, On a Day Like Today, Cloud Number Nine, and One Night Love Affair.

7. Of Monsters and Men

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I also listen to too much Monsters and Men just to be honest. It's very relaxing. From Finner, Wolves Without Teeth, We Sink, and Sloom are some I personally love to listen to always.

8. AC/DC

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Angus Young's voice really just makes the experience (yes, experience, I stand behind my words). I recommend hearing Thunderstruck, What Do You Do For Money Honey, and the classic Hells Bells if you're trying to get a feeling for their music genre.

9. Styx

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I don't often see people mention this unique 70's band, yet I grew up often listening to them. Renegade, Mr. Roboto, Babe, Lorelei, The Grand Illusion, and Blue Collar Man (Long Nights) are my suggestions to you.

10. Troye Sivan

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Last, yet far from least, is Troye Sivan. Such a relaxing yet upbeat and modern sound he has. I love YOUTH, SUBURBIA, and BLUE.

Thanks so much for anyone who read this! (Wasn't expecting anyone to really, I mean fun's fun!) Merci!

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cover image: Troye Sivan