its jasmine back with yet another article !! hopes you enjoy !!

all the love,

day three → write about 10 things you can't live without

one → music
literally, who can ? music is the only thing keeping me going. with so many different genres & artists to listen to, there's endless possibilities. & music lifts you up.

two → my family
our supporters. everybody needs somebody to talk to & somebody to love. family is everything, you know ?

three → books
oml i love love to read. without books, i don't know what i would be doing with my free time...

four → idols / icons
those people you look up to mean everything to you. sometimes you just feel lost without them.

five → instagram
okay hear me out. its not like i'd miss stalking celebrities. it's just i've met so many incredible people on ig & i don't wanna lose them.

six → my few friends
ahhh, my second family. friends / bestfriends are amazing to have. you could tell them things you've never told your real family. it's amazing how the little people could change you.

seven → one direction
omfg these five dudes are my sky, sun, clouds, & rain. i seriously don't know what would happen to me if they disappeared.

eight → boys
okay this one is stupid but really what would the world do without boys ? there's the hot ones, the adorably nerdy ones, the trustworthy ones, the nasty ones, the random ones. you know they just make life a little more interesting.

nine → youtube
this one i need !!! i love watching shane & stupid larry stylinson videos all the time. IMAGINE A WORLD WITHOUT MUSIC VIDEOS & VLOGS. everybody loves yt.

ten → vines ( rip )
omg vines keep me breathing & they're the bestest thing to happen on the internet. thank people still post them on YouTube. ( another reason yt is life ) so i could laugh my smol ass off.