A lot of people lately have been asking me for good show suggestions. Lately I've really enjoyed shows that are set in the past with that retro feel. So why not share them with you guys!


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With the new season out, Stranger Things 2 has a tremendous buzz. I had a friend that stayed up to 3 a.m. waiting for it to come out on Netflix just a couple of weeks ago. If you haven't been caught up in the magnificence of this series yet, NOW is the time, fellow nerd!!!

It has a nice 80's aesthetic, and you'll enjoy it even if you don't like sci-fi. You will automatically fall in love with the characters (and gosh that character development is the real deal) and the actors. P.s. If you enjoy the series, I recommend the "Beyond Stranger Things" addition

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I've re-watched this show (which sadly only has 1 season) about 3 times already. With a cast full of actors you probably know from their later films, this 1999 show is about high school in the 80s. "Burn-outs" and nerds both find themselves as cliche as it sounds. I am normally one not to enjoy the cliche, but this show rocked my world!

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Now you have probably heard the word on the street about this show. But dear, hipster, let me tell you that there is a reason this show is getting attention. Taking a dark twist on the jovial Archie Comics, Riverdale will have you on the edge of your seat. It starts as a good ol' murder mystery, but boy, are you in for a wild ride. I'm currently watching the second season, and it's absolutely crazy.
P.s. do you recognize Jughead? Yeah, that's Cole Sprouse, aka my husband ever since he played Cody in Suite Life of Zack and Cody

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Unlike the other shows on this list, this show isn't so recent. But that doesn't make it any less relevant. I've seen this show 2 times all the way through and it is such a light-hearted series. It is honestly just about a group of weird friends that get into crazy stuff. Need to relax from stress? Pick up this show!

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So there you have it, dear readers. I hope you give some of these shows a look because I have been obsessed with all of them.