Hey! I've thought for a while if I should try writing articles, so I decided to give it a try. What I'm going to write about is words that we probably don't think exist because we've barely heard of them or words that have a deeper meaning. The plans are to write about one word in each article. So here you go, hope you enjoy.

First word

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What do you think when you hear the word Whelve?
I start to think about a wind that goes through my mind and makes everything dizzy and when it's gone it has created utter chaos in my head.
Surprisingly it's a little bit close, it means to bury something deep; to hide. I mean it actually makes sense, whelve kinda sounds like and reminds me of a vault. Because it almost has the same meaning, for both have to hide something valuable and secondly, both are actually deep buried.

We all hide something

It reminds me that everyone has something barely anyone knows about and if someone tells it to you, know the person trusts you really good to actually tell it. So if you don't know somebody good or judge before you've even spoken with them, remember the word whelve that they've might have had a tough time.

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Thanks for this time, see you soon.