hello, this is my first article and i'm excited to share with you guys some good songs that you probably never heard before.

i'm not really sure what genre to put these songs into, or really describe them, but they are extremely pleasing to the ears in my opinion. moving on, let's continue with this small playlist.



  • one more love song- mac demarco

"is one more love out to break your heart"

  • gorgeous- bane's world x temporex

"i can see your tear stained face"

  • lover boy- peachy! x reisha

"always getting your heart burned"

  • only in my dreams- the marias

"baby stay with me"

  • you left the door open- sophie meiers x gin$eng

"if only i could let you in"

  • baby, please- black pool

"so baby, please dont go"


thanks for reading! i hope you enjoy these songs as much as i do.