Frankly, I have a lot of "what ifs". I mentioned it before but some self-destroing behaviour or habit I have is overthinking.
So, when it comes to choices I´ve made or just things I have said or done I always think about what could have been or what could be in the future. Without a doubt, thinking about this is something I like to prevent from happening, but obviously I just can´t avoid it, which is quite annoying. But it´s also so exhausting and kind of getting on my nerves cause I am thinking of those things nealry everyday, everytime. So, most of the time I question my decisions, choices and actions, even myself sometimes. All that just because of the "what ifs".
What if I said this instead of that? What would people think/say if I would say/do/wear this or that? What would happen if I fail? What if everything would have gone diefferently?
I could go on and on, because there´s just so much I am worried about. I wonder about so many details and possibilities, however, in the end it´s always about one topic. Apparently the most common what-if-thought in my head is a quite simple one: What if I would be different ... popular, pretty, strong, funny, talented ... better?