Day 15 : If you were an animal, what would you be and why?


Why unicorn?

First of all : Everyone loves unicorns, and everyone would love to become an unicorn, isn’t that right?

unicorn, rainbow, and headphones image unicorn and wallpaper image

Second : Everyone was My Little Pony fans when they were little, well at least the people I know.

MLP, my little pony, and luna image black, blue, and colors image

Third : Unicorns are awesome. So damn much more special than horses. (but we love horses as well ofc)

unicorn, white, and grunge image art, background, and Hot image

Fourth : Unicorns are magical. They present for me happiness and magic. Just looking at pictures of them makes you see a bit of magic in that photo.

unicorn, pink, and horse image unicorn, cigarette, and funny image

Fifth : Rainbooooow. So many colors, so pretty for eyes uhhhh.

different, unicorn, and rainbow image unicorn, Halloween, and makeup image

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xx ivana.