Hello everyone! Today's challenge is to make a list about the things i can't live without. So without further do let's just get started. Just to remind you that this things are in no particular order.

- Youtube: this is basically my all time favourite website. I can literally spend hours and hours on it and it is like a black hole ahaha you go in there just to watch one single video but then you click in another and another and another and then, when you realise it, it has been hours. But I am not complaining though ahahah

- Music: music is a big part of my life. It literally helps me in every situation of my life. I have had music classes for 4/5 years but i ended up dropping out because I didn't had time to keep up with it. However i own a guitar but i just know the basics ahahah I would love to know how to play the piano and i LOVE watching people playing. I get to mesmerized.

violin, music, and vintage image piano, music, and photography image

- Coffee: of course my friend ahaha I literally can't go a day without drinking it. It leaves me in such a cozy and warm mood and makes me want to sit by the firework under a blanket. It tastes so good and i have to admit that i am quite obsessed.

- Books: this is definitely my favourite way of passing time. It is so good and it always intertains me so much. I could literally spend days and days in a row reading books.

- Pen and paper: as much and technology evolves and all of that i will always prefer to get paper and a pen and write things down myself. It is like i am much more connected to what i am writing. I always make a handwritten draft of what i write on my devices. I also love drawing so that is a bonus ahah

book, coffee, and vintage image

- People: this includes the ones that i know and the ones that i don't. The world has 7 billion people and i honestly believe that everyone plays their role in the society. We all contribute in our own way and we all need each other.

So this was my list of things i cannot live without. I hope you enjoyed it and now go and make yours! Have a nice day!