all of them. celebrity or not all boys are a blessing from god herself and i could never make them battle against one another. shame on you for even clicking into this article. youre a monster.

no im kidding im still doing it

Tom Holland
parker, spider-man, and spiderman image actor, gif, and tom holland image tom holland, spiderman, and Marvel image tom holland, spiderman, and Marvel image
tom holland is the number one boy of my dreams i would take a thousand bullets for him if anything ever happened to him i would kill every person who has ever laid a hand on him and then myself
Harry Styles
Harry Styles, one direction, and beautiful image Harry Styles, harry, and styles image Harry Styles, one direction, and 1d image Harry Styles, one direction, and harry image
i changed my mind harry is my number one precious angel love of my life must be protected at all costs for every one bullet i would take for tom i'd take another 50 for harry and smile while i did it
boys, trap, and amine image amine image amine image rap, rapper, and amine image
excuse me please make room for the real mvp the queen of queens the king of kings my spice girls loving soft banana prince whom i adore
Finn Wolfhard
stranger things, finn wolfhard, and mike image finn wolfhard, stranger things, and finn image finn wolfhard, stranger things, and finn image finn wolfhard image
dont fear my lovies im not out here crushing hard on a little boy i dont want to fuck him or any of that garbage i just think he's adorable and i want to squish his wittle cheeks
Cameron Boyce
cameron boyce, boy, and Basketball image cameron boyce, boy, and Hot image cameron boyce image boy, cameron boyce, and cameron image
NOW THIS IS A BOY THAT I WOULD FUCKING BANG OKAY part of me wants to slam dat ass but the other part wants to cuddle him and play connect the dots with those beautiful freckles he has me at a loss
Tarjei Sandvik Moe
couple, icon, and match image skam and tarjei sandvik moe image skam, isak, and tarjei sandvik moe image skam and isak image
im sorry but look at this actual human embodiment of a physical ray of sunshine and tell me you wouldnt do anything to hold his hand and play with his hair like WOW
Henrik Holm
skam, henrik holm, and even bech næsheim image skam, even, and henrik image skam and henrik holm image skam, even, and henrik image
like the true skam fan that i am i couldnt possibly include one of my boys and not the other SO you've seen the angel i would hold hands with now meet the other angel who i would F U C K
Chris Pine
chris pine image chris pine, Hot, and handsome image chris pine, blue, and blue eyes image chris pine image
im a soft gal who's all about baby chris pine with the blue eyes and pretty smile but ALSO scruffy beard sexiest man alive chris pine sign me up
Ryan Reynolds
ryan reynolds and deadpool image ryan reynolds and deadpool image ryan reynolds and deadpool image hotty celeb image
hello mister beautiful model man how do you do that thing where you look like this youre under arrest for having a face too good for this world
Bill Skarsgård
skarsgard, bill, and bill skarsgård image bill skarsgård, it, and pennywise image actor, bill, and boy image gif image
now yall know ya girl aint out here living her horror movie clown fantasys but god damn this boy could slam my head into a wall and i'd probably thank him and give him all my money
Jensen Ackles
actor, gif, and Jensen Ackles image Image by Karolina Pessanha actor, serial, and series image Image by elnura2205👻
GAH stop doing that thing with your cheekbones and your jawline and that little bit of stuble on your chin and your deep raspy voice and help me
Joe Keery
stranger things, joe keery, and steve harrington image stranger things image joe keery, stranger things, and steve harrington image actor, funny face, and gif image
yall all know how steve harrington is babysitting extrodinare and the dad of stranger things well joe is literally dad in every other possible way and holy shit am i gone on it
Matthew Daddario
shadowhunters and matthew daddario image matthew daddario image matthew daddario, shadowhunters, and alec image matthew daddario image
i dont watch mortal instruments but i can not forget a fine specimine like this one right here god damn it aint no coincidence the word dad is in his last name
Dacre Montgomery
actor, funny face, and gq men of the year awards image stranger things, dacre montgomery, and love image bad boy, billy, and boy image dacre montgomery, stranger things, and boy image
playing a meanie character doesnt make the actor a meano person my baby boy dacre is living breathing proof of that all this kitten deserves is hugs and endless love
Jaden Smith
smith image jaden smith, boy, and model image jaden smith and tumblr image boy, beautiful, and girl image
what the fuck is gender hello beautiful you can have my karate kid any day of the god damn week because u are f i e r c e
Jake T. Austin
Hot, jake t austin, and sexy image Hot, jake t austin, and boy image jake t. austin image jake t. austin image
i cant believe i left it until this late in the game to introduce you all to my first ever boyfriend max my wizarding bf i'll never forget our time together
Nathan Kress
nathan kress, jeep, and icarly image boy, guapo, and Hot image icarly and nathan kress image nathan kress image
my baby freddie im so sorry nobody realised the art that u really are before that ice bucket challenge but im here to say that you've always been a star in my books
Rami Malek
quotes, mr robot, and cry image actor, funny face, and gif image eliot, rami malek, and mr.robot image Image removed
THIS IS exactly why i didnt want to start comparing my boys because angels like this end up low down on the list purely bc im forgetful when really he deserves all the spotlight ever
Leo Howard
Image by vodkabitchess boy, leo howard, and model image leo howard image disney, photography, and tumblr image
why are these all grown up disney channel tv show stars who knows i ask myself that same question every single day ill clue u in when i find out the answer
Mike Faist
musical, mike faist, and dear evan hansen image mike faist, connor murphy, and dear evan hansen image musical, broadway, and Connor image musical image
last but not ever ever ever least the softest angel in the history of angel boys were ending on a high note ladies and gentlemen this one is defo a keeper
Colton Ryan
colton ryan image colton ryan image
only slipped in as a bonus because there are literally only two pictures of him on this site which is cruel and unjust because LOOK AT HIM

if you liked this article give it a heart and i'll make another trust me i have plenty of boys, from now from the 90's from the 70's from the 50's i've even got plenty of girls probably more girls than boys so if you wanna see that give me some love because i live for approval from strangers online