why do we make girls feel that they need to change THEIR bodies?

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yesterday i was scrolling through twitter and landed upon a tweet showing that marilyn monroe was one of the world's biggest and MOST NATURAL sex icons. call her what you want but she didn't change her body for anyone. then i got extremely disheartened as a man responded with a picture of an extremely skinny model and stated that her body was better.

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nothing against his opinion; but ignorant people like him are the reason why women feel the need to edit pictures of themselves on instagram and get plastic surgery. not to mention, but society eggs this on.

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nowadays so many role models whose bodies girls look up to have been on the operating table to enhance things. us girls need to understand that our body is our body and if we do change anything about it, it should be for us and us only. we also need to realize that they are natural ways to change our bodies like exercise and better eating habits and plastic surgery should be a last resort. celebrities like the ones below are amazing to look up to and promote embracing our natural selves.

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to all the girls and women reading this:
there is a man or woman out there that loves you for you. rather than wasting your time on someone who doesn't love you for you, go and search for that person and when you do find them; never let them go.

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from this experience i want to start a challenge called #promotepositivity.
even if only one person sees this article do something nice, be positive and write about it. write about how we can include more positivity in our lives and hopefully continue a pretty awesome movement.

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i have some collections that promote this message:

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