First of all, my name is Ant. I am 15 years old. I wrote this article, but actually it is not an article. It is a story. However, I chose to do this topic to share my school life with you guys and to remind my self how happy and sad I was at this amazing school because I am leaving the school soon...

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At the start of the new year, new term and new beginning, our school has changed a lot since my first day. I was a little kid back then. Actually, I was not. You will know why. I started off my first year in the 'real' international school with a....(I don't know what word to write, but it was not a good meaning word at all).

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Term 1, my first day at school, I didn't have any friends. Luckily, I've got my sister with me. I was in year 6 and there were only 4 girls including me in the classroom and 10 boys. Actually, this school is small. So, they combined year 5 and 6 together. As I stepped into the classroom all the eyes were on me and those eyes were not satisfied with what they'd seen. You should know what I felt, but this is life. When I sat in front of the two girls who spoke something about me in front of me. They didn't know that I could understand english.

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Anyways, I faced something worse than that. I need to tell you that I am fat. You know that my name is Ant. While I walked through the corridor there was a year 7 girl walking towards me and suddenly looked at my shirt size without asking. She was laughing with her friends. At that moment, I nearly cry and I didn't know that in this world there would be such an awful person like this. However, no dramas, I didn't care.

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Fortunately, I finally have a friend. My first friend is a he. We are friend by playing cards. Guess what!, he was bad at card. I always received a victory. He was the one who has made my school life better. Since then I have more friend and everything was getting better. Until the best moment of my first year arrived.

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I met a girl and she was a new student. She had joined the school at term 2. At first, I didn't like her much, but right now I am fucking love her. Infact, she is one of my best friend. She made me laugh everyday, but life was not as simple as that. All around us there were people who don't like us. Actually, they didn't like her. For who that stayed near her will also be banded and I didn't understand why. Still, we didn't care as much. I always knew that at some point they will accept her as one her friend because of the time. "I just needed to be patient," said to myself.

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Term 3, there were any excited moments much just that she left the boarding and became a day student. I was alone in the dorm. Then another one of best friend arrived.

To be continued...end of year 6