Write some facts about yourself.

► I'm 20.

► I live in Finland.

► I have long, light brown hair and green eyes.

► I'm pretty short.

► I have four sisters.

► We have two cats and a rabbit in my home.

► I graduated from high school 2016 and now I'm on my second gap year.

► I have no idea what I want to study.

► I love music.

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► I'm into sports, writing and reading.

► I've only visited Sweden but I want to travel and see the world a lot in the future.

► I'm usually happy but sometimes I can be really sad, too.

► I love chicken nuggets!

► I love Christmas!

► I have a boyfriend.

► I believe in God.

► In my opinion I'm pretty good at rapping.

► I like driving around with a car.

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► I'm shy in front of new people but when I get to know them I'm such a blabbermouth!

► I'm goot at languages.

► I'm the best online stalker!

► Me and my boyfriend are watching The O.C on Netflix at the moment and we are on season 3.

► My zodiac sign is Cancer.

► I don't like coffee.

► My favorite colors are pink and white.

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Thank you for reading! xx