I'm 14 now and few months ago my mom just gave birth. When I was younger, I want to have lots of brothers and sisters because I thought that it would be fun but my parents only want one child. Now, I stoped thinking about having siblings and I just got one. He's very cute, very funny and I love to make him laugh. I mean my younger brother. But since he was born, I needed to rearrange my schedule, there are things that I supposed to do and things that I want to do but I have to delay most of them just to help my mom take care of the baby. I mean I love him. But he's just take so much of my time. My parents want us to bond. I mean I love him but he's younger than me 14 years and by the time I graduated high school and prepare for college, he's only 3 years old. Sometimes, I'm doing my homework and you know in high school, homework and projects are no joke. But in the my parents always interrupt me and tell me to play with the baby for 5 minutes and it turns out to 30 minutes and I always ended up go to sleep very late. Sometimes I hate the responsibility of a sister, but lately when I'm mad or feeling frustrated, and I see the baby's face, he always smile. Whenever he sees me he smiles. And I just love that so much. He doesn't smile a lot with others like he does to me. That's make me feel special and just looking at his smile, I think it's very cute and I suddenly feel happy.