I'm back here again to show you my favorite TV series that you should watch!

Stranger Things

a netflix original series

stranger, tumblr, and things image gif image stranger things image stranger things, joe keery, and steve harrington image
maybe my favorite after shameless


shameless, ian gallagher, and gallavich image shameless, lip, and smoke image shameless, carl, and gallagher image shameless image
you NEED to watch shameless!


a netflix original series

sense8 image riley, sense8, and will image gif, funny scene, and sense8 image sense8 image
one of the best series ever


Gotham, november 2017, and it's not always clear image Gotham, the riddler, and edward nygma image Gotham, handsome, and oswald cobblepot image batman, Gotham, and david mazouz image
i'm literally obsessed with this series since the first season


how to get away with murder

gif, meme, and viola davis image htgawm, cast, and frank image htgawm and coliver image viola davis image
Something Bad Happened... and Annalise Keating is all you need

Orphan Black

you can find it on Netflix

gif, evelyne brochu, and orphan black image helena, sarah, and orphan black image eyes, girl, and hair image orphan black and helena image
you have to watch this NOW, sestra


a netflix original series

pablo, pabloescobar, and narcos image boyd holbrook, gun, and jacket image Mature image narcos image
plata o plomo hijueputa?

Breaking Bad

you can find it on Netflix

breaking bad, jesse pinkman, and walter white image aesthetic, boy, and pale image breaking bad, walter white, and meth image gif, gifs, and my image
cult to see at least once in a lifetime

I hope that you like it, let me know your favourites! 💓