photoshoots are great! first for the photo's, second for the places you discover and third for the amazing time you have with friends. but sometimes you get stuck and don't have any inspiration left. I feel you! the problem is real! here are some tips to hopefully help you.


book, girl, and library image book, girl, and library image book, girl, and library image book, library, and vintage image
a library seems old an boring. but if you go to your local one and look around you can spot all these awesome places where you can take amazing pictures.

grocery store

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you have to don't give a f* about what other people think of you for this one. have a bit of courage and go crazy with your friends in your local supermarket. this will make some great pictures. also, will it make some great memories.


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i think most of you guys are still in school and you spent a lot of time there so why not take pictures there. during a break or something, go around your school with some friends, explore and take pictures. it will also make the time go faster.

fairy lights

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this one is pretty simple. buy some fairly lights and have fun. try different things whit the lights and try different poses. get cozy.


girl, breakfast, and cooking image friend, friend goals, and friendship image friends, friendship, and kitchen image Image by hesenovangr
cooking/baking isn't just fun for the photos, but you get to eat it afterwards and you have a great time during it.
Xx Britt