When is the right time to start a new relationship? Or is there a right time? Probably not.
There are methods on the internet like you need to take half of your relationship's time to mourn it and move on. Or if you lived seperatly you only need like two months. I think these don't really make sense. In my opinion it depends on the person's personality and his/her relationship's length. And the right time is not easy to calculate. I think most people don't have the right amount of alone-time after break-up. Some have less of it and begin a new relationship too soon, but some have more than it's needed and they go kinda mad by the fact of being alone for too long.
I start to feel the second one is happening to me. But feeling alone is not the reason why you should start a relationship. Even if you have a crush on someone. If you do start a relationship because of feeling alone and not because you like the other person you'll break up soon and your partner probably won't understand why. Or an another option is if you feel like you don't need the emotional things in relationship is to start a friend with benefints kinda one. It may also sound, but... it also really depends on personality. The more sentimental one will have feelings for the other who may not, and there you are again feeling alone and don't know what to do.
The situation is I do have a crush on someone. And my ex already has a new girl altough we broke up exactly one month ago. When he told me I felt a bit insulted. Like does he only need one month to unlove me and start to have feelings for an another girl? Maybe he does. Or he just want to have sex. No idea. But I'm certainly not ready to start a new relationship, because I still love my ex. I'm not as good as unloving someone as him lol.
Our heart does some weird things. How can it still love someone and want to kiss another at the same time? Maybe it tries to lecture our mind. Is our mind strong enough to hold on being single, or does it let our heart falling in love and break itself again?
I don't know yet, but I'll find out soon, and then I'll have my newest topic for my article.
Until then, be good and stay strong darling!