it's hard to be positive, even more when you feel forced to keep a smile just to please someone. I understand how you're feeling; I'm in the same situation, let me show you what I've been doing to keep myself a little happier.

☁️ doing small tasks

this probably sounds tiring, but let me tell you; they're helpful. make your bed, organize your bookshelf, re-decorate something if you want; distract yourself a little by doing these things. you could also take care of your skin! washing your face, teeth, hands, drinking fresh water; easy things.

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☁️ express yourself

it is bad for you to have so much pressure inside of yourself, you can express yourself in many ways. it could be talking with someone, writing it down on a paper, or simply doing your favorite hobby; painting, for example.

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☁️ listen to music

listen to your favorite songs, the ones that you've listened thousands of times and you never got tired of it. listen to new music, there's music you'll like and you won't like. my favorite kind of music is piano, or instrumentals in general, but voices are lovely too! I listen to both of these kinds of music very very often. everyone has their own cup of tea, try discovering yours!

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[also! here's this song that I really liked. its lyrics is beautiful, it may help you as it helped me: ]

and that's it! hope this helped you in any way or another. all my good vibes to you,
my dear! have a great day. ☁️