Hey everyone!

Since this is my first article, I decided to introduce myself before writing anything else. My name is Mara and I'll start with 10 facts about me.

1. I'm obsessed with music, so expect quite a few articles about that.

2. I love watching tv shows, especially sitcoms. They are my absolute favorite.

3. I'm from the Netherlands, so English is my second language.

4. My biggest fear, this may sound silly but I'm not kidding, are whales. They just terrify me!

5. I'm really interested in things like astrology, myers briggs types, enneagram types etc. I will write an article about all this, since it's very interesting!

6. I'm 16 year old. I turn 17 in december.

7. I really love travelling! I've been to quite a few countries, but never out of Europe. My dream is to go to Australia.

8. I'm going to study meds next year and I'm hoping I'll be let into the college I want to go to

9. I have synesthesia. This means I see colours with (in my case) numbers, words and letters. This probably sounds really weird cause it's a rare 'condition' where there's an extra connection in the brain. I will write a article about this too!

10. I really dislike pineapple and chinese food.

So those were 10 facts about me, I'm going to start writing my next article very soon. Maybe you've noticed, I have loads of ideas for articles! Now I have to decide which one I'm going to write next.
You'll find all my articles in this collection:

You can always send me a message if you want to talk, I'm always open for making new friends!

Love, Mara