Hello! My name is Anne and this is my first article, so i hope you like.

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for the style you can use glasses, denim jeans and jackets, vintage shirts, everything that has a vintage style

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You can find great places in your city. Or make a shoot in your own house. If you use the camera of the phone check that it is clean. Also check the lighting, good lighting make your pictures look better.
If u can, buy a disposable camera (35mm) but if u cant, use apps
If you want a polaroid effect, use flash and use -sharpen from Afterlight

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I love these 3 apps: Afterlight and VSCO (ios-android) and Huji Cam (ios). afterlight is great for light leak, textures. And with the tools you can make a great polaroid effect. VSCO is awesome! with all the filters you can make a vintage filter, you can mix with afterlight. HUJI CAM is a great app if u want a picture with the date. But is only for ios :( im working in a option for android, so stay tuned because soon ill upload it on Instagram: appsofamous. Other app you can use is Gudak but is only for ios. Feelm is a option for android.

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I hope you like it!
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