Hi, beautiful hearter! It's Nikki(again..) from The.Beautiful.Unicorn. Today I will be sharing some of my favorite Christmas activities with you! Just getting you ready for Christmas.It's coming soon!
Everyone celebrates in their own way so don't think that my activities are things that everyone does.
1. Baking Christmas cookies! It has been a tradition in our family to bake Christmas cookies each year. Each family member chooses two of their favorite cookies and we make them! It's a great excuse to get creative with your baking skills.
2. We always start playing Christmas music the day after Thanksgiving. No matter what your favorite songs are, playing them definitely gets you in the Christmas spirit.
3. Decorating the Christmas tree and putting up Christmas trinkets. Pulling out the beautiful ornaments, old and new alike is always fun. Play some of that Christmas music while you're doing it.
4. Drawing Christmas cards. It's fun, makes whoever gets them happy, and it's a great way to get in the Christmas spirit.
5. Going to a light's show. They are really fun and they are amazing to watch. Especially when the lights are flashing to the music.
6. Doing a Christmas play or going to one. Planning one may be a nightmare but it pays off and it's a great thing to do at a church or even in a family.
7. Watching Christmas movies! Snuggle up with a blanket or two and sit back and relax! There are lots of good ones, but two of my favorites are Christmas in Wonderland and The classic The Christmas Carol.
8. Decorate a gingerbread house! Fun, and gives you an excuse to eat the candy that's left!
9. Make hot cocoa! Get creative and put a unique twist on the classic hot cocoa.
10.Make a bonfire! Great way to relax and keep warm. Tell Christmas stories around the fire!
11. If you have snow. Then go out and play in it! Snow angels, forts, snowball fight, build a snowman!
12. Ice Skating! If the ice is hard enough ( and only then!) Practice those figure eights or learn how to skate!
13. Make Snow Ice Cream! It's delicious!
14. Donate a un-open gift to a toy drive. Be a Secret Santa!
15. Make some cute homemade gifts! (they mean more than a bought one)
16. Volunteer some time at a homeless shelter. Spread the Christmas joy!
17. Bake fresh bread and give it to a needy family.
18. The night before Christmas read "T'was the Night Before Christmas."
19.Do a Christmas Photo Shoot! Dress up and take some pictures.
20.Hang that mistletoe! Never know who you'll meet under there.
21. Make popcorn strings. They make the tree look beautiful!
22. Have a Christmas dance party. Invite people or don't. Party to your favorite toons.
23. Go to a Christmas party. Have some fun with friends!
24. Visit a live nativity. See what Christmas is all about.
25.Memorize a Christmas poem!
Hope you have fun! Have a wonderful Christmas!
-xoxo Nikki