Hey guys! Are you tired of the same old live wallpaper options on iPhone? Well today I'm going to share with you some of my favorite fall/winter gifs that YOU can turn into LIVE wallpapers to use for the holiday season! Let's get started with the pictures and then I'll tell you how to turn them into live wallpapers! :)

Warm & Cozy

light, autumn, and christmas image

Twinkling Lights

gif, christmas, and lights image


gif, christmas, and coffee image

Okay now save the GIF that you want to use as your wallpaper. Then go to the App Store and download intoLive. Then you just upload your chosen gif onto the app and save it as a live photo. Once you've saved it as a live photo you can go to your wallpaper settings and go into your photo album and set the new live picture as your wallpaper. It will give you the option to set it as Live or Still. You can basically do this with any video/gif as long as you convert it to a Live photo first! Hope you found this little how to helpful! Happy Holidays everyone! :) Follow me on Instagram @jessicaxoxstone