Hello people of the earth!
Last night i decided that i want to improve my writing. My goal is to write at least one article per month (you know i´m very stressed with school and everything, but i try my best). I love articels where you know...it`s like: 1. , 2. , .... so i think i will start with them, maybe i´ll change something in the future but i´m not sure yet.

Words and ideas can change the world.
-Dead Poets Society

1: Introduce Yourself

funny, crazy, and stranger things image

2: Why i should hate Christmas but actually love it/ or: Things i love about Christmas

girl, light, and winter image

3: Why start writing?

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4: My favorite TV-Characters / People that inspire me

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5: Healthy living: Workouts, Motivation and more

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6: Style - My rolemodels/ Fashion that is comfortable and looks good

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7: Habits you should start bc they make your life easier

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8: Favorite TV Shows & Movies

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9: Study tips

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10: Why i don´t like todays society

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Soooo that´s a lot to write but hey,

It dosen´t change you if it dosen´t challenge you

So with this wise words i´m saying goodbye for this time, you´ll hear from me (hopefully soon) !