Hey again!! For some reason I can't find the article I made yesterday, but with the hope that you can still see them, I'm making a new one right away. So here you go with the 5 first facts about myself.

1. I play the violin

violin, music, and tumblr image violin, music, and instrument image

I have played the violin for 8 years now, and I do love it, although I'm seriously bad at practicing regularely. For fact, I also enjoy playing piano, guitar and ukulele, just for fun :)

2. I love reading!!

Image removed book, winter, and cozy image

I've been a bookworm basically my whole life, and in my early teens I was especially into the fantasy and sci-fi genre. I still am- Harry Potter being my all time favorite series, but now I'm more open for everything.

3. I'm learning Spanish

fall, parsley, and pumpkin image frases image
Idk what this means tho ^

My two fluent languages are Norwegian and English (almost fluent at least), and I've been learning Spanish for over 3 years now.

4. Harry Potter was my first book fandom

book, harry potter, and coffee image ravenclaw, blue, and harry potter image
Ravenclaw house yay

Now I have 5 book fandoms: The hunger games, Divergent, Percy Jackson, The Maze Runner and Harry Potter.

5. My two main celebrity crushes:

theo james image Image by Mrs.Malfoy
Theo Jamesss and Nick Robinson