Hi Lovely Hearter! It's Nikki!
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So today I will be doing an article about 5 ways to know if a guy likes you. A crush is something every girl has probably gotten or is going to get. The most asked question is usually, "How do I know if he likes me back?". There are different types of guys, but this is just in general.
1. You catch him looking at you. He's stealing glances at you when he thinks your not looking. Or he might fake yawn raise his hands above his head and steal a quick glance at you.
2. He tries to impress you. He moves something out of your way, which really wasn't in your way at all. He is trying to show off for you. If he keeps eye contact with you while doing it then he really wants you to notice his muscles.
3. He tries to look good for you. If he runs his hands through his hair he is trying to look good for you so that you might come up and talk to him.
4. He waits around for you. If he knows you will be a certain place at a certain time. He is going to wait for you. It may be he can't wait to see you again.
5. He reassured you. It may be something as simple as a smile or as big as a hug. He notices your nervous and he wants to comfort you in any way he can.
Hope these tips helped. Remember if he is ignoring you or not giving you any of these signs. Don't take that as an uninterest right away. He might be shy because your so beautiful! Thanks so much for reading! BEaUtiful
-xoxo Nikki
P.S. The picture is from the Great Smoky Mountains!