Hi guys!

Isn't that amazing that WeHeartIt has taken articles to use! This is my first article so don't judge, this is just a try out haha. I'm starting with easy idea, but I have lots of great thoughts to share, so beware.
So I have a bit over 1000 followers on WeHeartIt, thank you for that! That's why I think it could be a fun idea to tell a little about me:

1. I live in Finland

It is a little northern country in Europe.

christmas, winter, and snow image snow, winter, and christmas image

2. I am a student

I study Business Management in university of applied sciences.

coffee, study, and laptop image school, study, and university image

3. I love traveling

I travel as much as I can! If I could, I would like to travel in every county in this world.

sky, travel, and clouds image london, Big Ben, and england image

4. I am an Vegeterian

Okay lets be honest. Only meat I eat is fish because I couldn't give up sushi. Otherwise just vege. I love to cook and eat vegefood.

fruit, food, and healthy image food, fruit, and healthy image

5. I love to decor

I love fashion, shopping, clothes etc. But somehow I'm not so good on investing those things. As a typical Finnish person I like to invest money in living and home.

home, interior, and white image design, interior, and room image

So if you have been following me, those facts aren't very surprising haha. But thank you for reading, I have lots of ideas to my next articles so stay tune.