Why are you the only one that makes me feel so weak why do i get so self-conscious but I'm also filled with rage when i see you ... you said you wanted me back but yet you were the one that cheated when i wouldn't even dare to hurt you and your excuse was i was in a bad place and i was drunk ...well it seemed you were fine enough to cheat on me what kind of bull shit is that...maybe if you wouldn't of cheated on me them maybe i would be cool with you but nah now your drinking and smoking and popin pills going high to school not because of me just because your so stupid and you say you mom gives you reality check that only work for a second yet you said that you weren't going to be like your dad but yet again there you go again...is the drinking and smoking and the pills worth getting kicked out of your house and since that was your choice i wouldn't let you stay at my place and i wish i didn't care anymore but that's just the kind of person i am