Hey guys:)

I've been looking at posts on WHI and a lot of them are so depressing.I hate seeing people go through this phase in their life so in this article I will be sharing some ways how to recover from Depression. Hopefully you look at this article like a therapy session and get the help you need to have the fun positive life you hope to have.:)

1. Write in a Journal / Diary
Writing in a journal can really help you so so much while going through depression. You see when you are going through so many problems a day you feel like just screaming and banging on the walls right? Well your problems, think of it as a building each problem is like a floor. It can go as high as of the amounts of problems you have. It keeps building up in till you have what I like to call it The Break Down. You can have The Break Down in public at a party at school etc.. Writing in journal will help you release stress and break down that building.

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2. Exercise
Yes you heard me I said exercise. When your depressed you tend to just sit in bed and do nothing, just thinking about the terrible things that are happening to you. Well 1. exercising will make you have more confidence in your self instead of doubting your self into not doing anything. 2. when your in bed doing nothing , exercising will make you get out of bed and do it! And finally 3. It will make you not think about your problems and have you concentrating on your healthy life. If your still thinking about your problems try listening to fun pop music! If your playlist is just depressing sad songs then I will send my Spotify playlist that will have you on your feet feeling alive lol.

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3. Be involved
When your depressed you just want to shut people out of your life because you know that if you try talking to them they will say they understand but they really don't... So you tend to not talk to anyone and be left by yourself. Read my words when I say this..DO NOT DO THAT. That will make you feel so miserable that your mind looks at that as a problem so you basically added it to your list. You already have enough problems so don't start adding more. So I'm just saying don't be so antisocial and communicate with others!! I know its hard but just by receiving a smile from a stranger it will make your day I promise.

4. Treat yourself!
When your depressed you like blame everything on yourself. No don't do that did you break your heart? no you didn't so quit blaming yourself and for a change, treat yourself. When I was depressed I did this once and I hadn't felt that good in a long time. Do a spa night . Take a bath and read a novel that you love while in the tub. Buy your favorite hoodie that you've been wanting for a long time. Do your makeup, dress nice, finish the series you've been watching on Netflix. Do some thing for YOURSELF. it will really help and you will feel so good afterwards.

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5. Read
I'm not a reading person I hated it. But when I just couldn't get that terrible thing out of my mind and I couldn't take it anymore I needed to find a way to. I saw a book on my teachers desk. I asked if I could borrow it and she said yes . While I was reading I realized that I wasn't thinking of that thing anymore. I was to focused on the characters in the book that I wasn't sad at that moment. It really helps to read so a lot of people might think this is stupid and doesn't work, well then your wrong because it does.The book I'm reading right now is called Amy and Rogers epic detour I am deeply in love with it, you should give it a try.

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6. Love yourself.
And finally before you put a guy/girl first and show them all your love make sure you get that love too, not only from him but yourself. If you think you love someone always ask if you love yourself because if you don't you and the guy/girl is going to have many problems. What I mean is that you wont be so positive for yourself and just do and give everything for your boyfriend/girlfriend. You wont want to go out because of your insecurities so LOVE YOURSELF FIRST!

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Ok so that's it for this article hope you enjoyed and have such a positive life :) If you have any suggestions of what to write next be sure to send a message bye Loves <3 <3