it's November, the time when you can drink as many warm drinks as you want, string christmas lights around your room, listen to that fall playlist, and dress in all those sweaters and scarves. everybody knows the essentials for a perfect autumn season; here are some of the favorites.

one: oversized sweaters

fashion, girl, and style image Image by masumi_zuki

two: warm drinks

bebida, drink, and comida image coffee image

three: fall makeup

makeup, nails, and eyeshadow image makeup, autumn, and beauty image girl and beauty image

four: curling up with your favorite book

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and everybody knows the best place to do that is right beside a crackling fire with a fuzzy blanket.

five: lights

rain, bed, and cozy image dark, tea, and lghts image light, winter, and christmas image beautiful, christmass, and girl image