Hola!! It's Sparkles back with another article. This article is all about... KINDNESS:)💕✨💫 In this article I will be telling you small, simple things you can do to make someone's day. I hope you enjoy! DM me what you think of this article ;)

Random Acts Of Kindness (RAK)

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Random Acts of Kindness (RAK for short) can be anything. It can be as simple as smiling at someone or giving them a wave in the halls, to as detailed as decorating someone's locker or tutoring them. The only rule is that it has to be kind. In this article I will share 30 Random Acts of Kindness that you can do! Let's get to it! ❤️

“When given the chance between choosing right, and choosing kind, choose kind.“


You may not know it, but smiling at someone can make their day. Sometimes, when you're having a bad day, a smile can turn that around. To you, a smile could mean nothing, but to another, a smile could make them feel important, special, etc. Smiling is practically effortless, so why not smile at someone to make them smile too:)

Compliment Them

Simple enough, right? All you have to do is compliment someone. On their outfit, on their hair, on their personality, whatever it might be, just compliment them. A compliment can really make someone happy. Think about it. When you get a compliment, doesn't it feel great? 💕

Help Them

Sometimes, don't you see someone in the hallways who has dropped there stuff, fallen, etc? If you do see this, help them. It's more important than being on time to your next class. Helping someone not only makes them feel good, but you'll feel good too:)

Hold The Door

This may seem very simple, but you would be surprised about the number of doors I've had slammed in my face 😂💓 So, just hold the door. It's not that hard :)

Pay It Forward

If you are doing a drive - through, pay it forward. This means when you buy your food, along with that, purchase a small item. This can be anything. Then leave it for the person behind you! You'd be surprised how happy this could make someone;)

Send Three Positive Texts

Right now (well right after you read this 😂) send three kind, positive texts to people on your contact list! Trust me, this will make their day, and it is such a sweet thing to do.

Say Hi

When you bump into someone, in the halls at school, on the elevator at the mall, etc. just say hi:) This small interaction is a nice thing to do 💓

Leave A Note

This one is super unique, and I think it's absolutely wonderful! When you are out somewhere, bring a sticky note. Write a small note about how awesome someone parked, and put it on the drivers window of a car :)

Mirror Message

On your mirror, or a family member's, write a sweet message on it, that way you can / they can associate themself with it :)

Extra Umbrella

If you know it's going to rain, bring an extra umbrella so someone can borrow it. I'd advise you only do this with people you see frequently, otherwise you may never get your umbrella back ;)

Self Love

RAK doesn't only go for others, but it goes for yourself too. Spend 15 minutes writing down things you like about yourself. 💓

Do An Extra Chore

Know your parents are especially busy? Do an extra chore, but don't expect something in return. Do it out of kindness 💞✨🙌

Turn That Frown Upside Down

See someone especially sad? Tell them how great they are, how special they are, how grateful you are for them, and watch the frown turn upside down 😉

Positive Not Negative

I know sometimes you want to say that angry comment you are thinking, but don't say it. Don't. You don't know how much it could hurt someone. Instead turn it into a kind comment:)

Include Everyone

You know the person who always sits alone at lunch? Make it so they don't sit alone :) Sit with them one day 💓

Forgive And Forget

People make mistakes. Cut someone some slack. Don't hold things over their head. Forgive them 💓 😍


Very few people actually leave tips in the jar, so be the person who does leave a tip in the tip jar 💓

Visit A Senior Citizen

Many senior citizens don't receive visitors, so sometimes, if you have some spare time, visit them. Imagine how happy it'd make them.

Say Yes

You know when you're at the store, and the cashier asks if you want to donate a dollar or two to a cause? Say yes.

Put It Away

Offer to put away someone's cart at the grocery store. I mean why not, right? :)


Volunteering is an amazing way to give back to the community. It's always worth it in the end! 💞


You know when you have gum (or anything else, really) at school and people ask you for one? Give them one:). You'll survive without a few extra pieces of gum, and such a simple thing can make someone's day.

Decorate A Locker

Whenever someone you know is having a birthday, decorate their locker. Trust me, it'll make their day. Someone has done it for me before, and I was so happy:)💞💕✨

Give To The Homeless

Have extra food or snacks? Or maybe just have some time? Make food or give some snacks you have to the homeless. They could really use it. Something so small to you could be something big to them 💓

Say Thank You

A lot of people forget this! Say thank you. When someone helps you out, they deserve, at the very least, a simple thank you :)

The following 5 Random Acts of Kindness are things that can be done on WHI 💓✨


Follow a new account. For a lot of people, a follow means a lot. This could help them reach their goals:)


DM an account that you've been following forever. Tell them how much you love their account.


Heart someone's uploads. Whenever people heart my uploads, I feel a surge of joy. So heart someone's upload, or article ;)

Mention Them

In an article, or a caption of one of your posts, right a small paragraph of why you appreciate someone. 💜

Enter A Contest

Quite a few people on WHI have contests, so enter them. Be the person who enters when no one else has. It'll make them feel noticed and it'll bring a smile to their face.

Why Be Kind

Why be kind, you may ask. Be kind because it can make someone's day. It can bring a smile to their face. You don't realize, but just a compliment can make someone happy. Just a small act of kindness, just one random act of kindness, can stop a suicide. When you are kind to others, they are kind back. They are also kind to others. Kindness is contagious. Just you being kind to one person, can start many kindness acts. Being kind also brings a smile to your face. Seeing that you have made someone smile, made a difference, is the best feeling in the world. So, I hope you do these Random Acts of Kindness, because it can mean a lot more than you know.

I hope you enjoyed this article! Thanks so much for reading, it means a lot:) Please heart this article if you believe in kindness!! DM me what you think of this article or articles you want to see in the future! For more articles like this, check out my WHI collections and my WHI acc, @simplicitywishes!

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