Hello everyone! Christmas is right around the corner (lol, almost) so I thought I'd list some cute and cheap Christmas gift ideas to give to your loved ones. These ideas are very simple, affordable and I think everyone will be happy with it, either man or woman! I hope you can get some inspiration out of this! :-)

A very practical but cute gift is a phone or laptop case! You can choose how much money you want to spend on on it and what the case looks like, which makes it a gift for basically anyone. I'm pretty sure everyone will be happy with a handy gift like this!

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Just a few cute examples of phone and laptop cases!

Another cute, universal gift is a mug. You can choose the mug to match the interest of the person who's receiving the mug. For example, you could give an Harry Potter mug to a HP fan, et cetera. Especially when the gift receiver is a huge tea or coffee fan, this gift will make them smile!

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There are loads of different looking mugs, all within different price ranges! It's your choice!

Depending on the age (and gender) of the recipient, you can gift them a book matching their interests. Not everyone likes to read books, but I think a lot of people like to relax with a good book every once in a while!

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There are billions of different books; there certainly is one for your loved one!

Even though jewelry is often associated with women, I find that men often wear jewelry as well. For both sexes jewelry can be a great gift idea!

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A watch can be a great gift for both men and women!

Something that screams winter and Christmas for me are cute, warm socks and cozy (Christmas) sweaters! Again, super cute for both sexes.

christmas, winter, and socks image winter, christmas, and sweater image christmas, light, and sweater image christmas, winter, and socks image
Warm and cozy socks/sweaters are always nice!

With wall decoration, I mean any sort of art to hang up your wall or place on furniture. Think of pictures (in picture frames), paintings or any other form of art. For cheap paintings and pictures to hang up on walls, I would suggest visiting Target, Ikea et cetera. Even light cables to decorate or an coat reck could be nice.

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A scratch off world map is a cute idea for someone who loves to travel!

Thank you for reading my article! Hopefully it gave you some inspiration for gifts :-)

- x anne


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