Hey guys,
i'm new here. I m not that good at writing articles like some of you, because obviosly you are more talented and my English is not that good 'cuz its my second language. Anyway, i wanted to talk and disscusing with you about this theme.

I wanted to put my opinion and share with you.
Starting with my two bigger sisters who are much more older thаn me. From my birth, i loved both because they cared about me, loving me with all heart, staying with me through the night when i was crying while i was a baby and calmed me down.

While i was growing up so fast they started acting like im almost adult person and not paying attention to me. So, that irritated me, and trying to get their attention, I used to cry for literally nothing, some of the reasons were because they were going out after 9 pm and i wasnt, because my parents used to give them more money than me etc. So, in that way i became spoiled child.

And, i started to irritate my sister because of my behavior and they were avoiding me, until I grew up a little bit more and started realizing some things.

First of all, sisters... they are gold and not everyone can have them. It's really pleasant to have sisters, not because they spoiled you, especially if you have older sisters, but because from my opinion if u haven't them i wouldn't be the person i am today.
Im so glad i have them.

They teach me how to love people.

They teach me how to be kind and why to be kind.

They teach that the money and the treasure are not the happiness, but the family and friends.

They teach me that little things are more valuable and that they bring happines.

They teach me that the kids are happiness, their children and also my nephews.

They teach me whats bad and whats good.

They teach me so many things that Im grateful for and thanking them everyday for teaching me how is like to be loved.

So what's ur opinion about not only sisters but family, brother, cousin?

I wanted to share my opinion with you guys, thank you.