Hello and welcome to part four of this series. This is part 4, and i published part 3 earlier, but now i cant seem to find it and i don't know if it was deleted. Anyway this is a whole new bunch of categories for you! As always i love hearing from you and appreciate every postcard i receive.

glass cactus aesthetic Superthumb
the mystery

-still sad tho
-likes to be alone
-has friends but doesn't really belong
-was a weird kid
-stops and thinks a lot
-goes on small adventures all the time

beach cactus aesthetic palms
the wanderer

- never travels to the same place twice
- can NOT stay at the same place for long
- changes personality a lot
- gets inspired so easilly
- terrible with economy
-soooo spontaneous
- cries while watching sunsets

bath Flagged For Review This image was flagged for review. Thanks for your patience while we confirm the image is safe for our community! aesthetic flowers
the cold heart

-loves winter, but not christmas
-loves Japanese culture
- baths
-makes ridiculously good breakfasts
- f l o w e r s
- picky about friends
- long walks

aesthetic aesthetic aesthetic aesthetic
the soft psycho

- car rides really warm their soul
- vintage cameras
- does dangerous, not well thought out and crazy things
- gets hurt a lot (physically)
- struggles with anxiety
- feels crazy, so she acts crazy
- shuts people out, but still a good friend
- loves shy people, because she really relates to them
- has a hobby that you wouldn't have guessed, like walking or singing

explore aesthetic Superthumb aesthetic
the collector

-gets easily attached to things
-always seeks back to the places she has already been
-watches the same tv-shows over again
-loves the sea
-definitely collected something as a child
-loves old people
-remembers all the stories she has been told
- vintage clothes
- needs her routine to survive

aesthetic korea 50s beach
the whole expierence

- lush bath bombs
-treats her self
- loves Tokyo and Asian culture
-old restaurants
- likes looking out windows and thinking
- afraid of the sea
- hates sand
- embarrassing laugh

feet flowers light landscape
the sun

- smiles like mona lisa
- opens her curtains every day
- has an old soul
- just want to settle down in the middle of nowhere
- hates winter and everything cold
- wholesome
- nature
- good taste in music

city beach breakfast aesthetic
the life lover

- loves the idea of life
- dances in the kitchen
- travels alone
- fucken loves the seaa
- needs things to be aesthetic
- roses
- wakes up looking like a princess

girl Superthumb fun airplane
the doer

- lowkey ADHD
- always moving
- a d r e n a l i n e
- weed?
-actually likes planes
- amusement parks
- driving
- any sport that gives them a rush

Superthumb light beach beach
the dreamer

- loves listening to the ocean
- has had the same hobby for forever
- rainy days
- has a dream scenario to all of her favorite songs
- how the clouds look during a sunset
- always looks concerned
- never wears much makeup
- afraid to stand out

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