Hi everybody!
Today I write about a theme I've heard and read a lot about in the last few weeks, you can find it also in many Articles here on WeHeartIt. That's "Inspiration", or better "which sources of inspiration people have". Today I want to write about that, but in a different way.

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First of all, I'd like to make a premise

- If you're just interested in my list, than feel free to scroll down, you'll find it just after my little introduction -

Most people answer that question by making a list of their favourite bloggers or youtubers or fashion influencers... and that'okay, because there is a lot of famous people on the internet who post really interesting things, but I think we should not forget that we are often surrounded by lovely beautiful people (like parents, relatives, friends..) who could be truly great sources of inspiration. We don't have to search on social networks to get inspired, sometimes we just need to take off our eyes from our monitor and just look around, we'll see things we would have never imagined and that will certainly surprise us! So just please don't think your real life is boring and only internet can be fun and inspiring, because that's not true.

So let's begin with my list!

- First: My Mum

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Mums are the very first persons we see in our life, they grow us so mums are literally our first and most important source of inspiration, even when you're just a baby. I am what I am, thanks to my mum, because it's my mum who makes me the person I am today. My mum is the kindest and loveliest person in the world and she teaches me so much about life, abput people, and how to become a better me. Yes, because I can get better (I can do sport and lose weight, I can study and get better notes) but I must always be myself and never lose my identity.

- Second: My Grandma

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My grandmum is the person who probably knows me most: we have really similar personalities and we think the same way about so many things (clothes, makeup, people,...). She is first of all a traveller, that makes her a person with a huge baggage of experience who loves telling about her journeys around the world. She is also so wise and can always give me the right piece of advice, that's why I use to talk with her every time I have a problem or I find myself in a bad situation.

- Third: My Dad

baby baby

"Never stop studying", that's what my dad always tells me. And I think he's right about that, you should never lose interest in discovering, reading, searching, finding new things or new places, trying new exotic food. In a just a word, be curious, curious about everything around you. Stay hungry of knowledge and you'll never get bored.

Okay guys, that was all for now!
Hope you enjoyed my Article, I really enjoyed writing it so I hope you enjoyed reading it lol. Above all, hope it was inspiring and, even only a little bit, different from all other Articles about this theme.

Thank you all for reading!


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