At some point of your life you might want to start a healthy lifestyle, but you don't know how, so you just keep pushing it till tomorrow, next week or even year. Here are some of the tips and habits that helped me to start and continue my new, healthy lifestyle.

1. Goals
Take a few minutes for yourself and think about your reason to start a new lifestyle, what would you like to achieve? There are so many benefits, you'll get better skin, lose weight and have more power for your day in general.

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2. Motivation
Once you found your goal you need motivation, for me personal visualizing what I want helped me a lot, just scroll through weheartit for pictures of fit girls or healthy food and set them as your look screen. Now everytime you unlock your phone (which is pretty often tho) you'll get a reminder what you're working for.

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3. Drink water
I know you probably hear this all the time, but it really does make a difference. Start of your day with drinking water, place a bottle right next to your bed so it's the first thing you do in the morning and it will help you to boost your energy. Be careful with drinking soda and juices, they often contain huge amounts of sugar, you won't even notice.

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If you don't like water, try some fruit infused water, or perfect for this season some tea

4. Food
Everyone is different so there's no general rule for what to eat to improve your personal health, you have to listen to your body. Try out different things, e.g. what you should eat for breakfast to have the most energy, when you should stop eating in the afternoon and so on. When you can't always eat at home I would recommend to prep your food at least the day before, so you won't choose on unhealthy food or snacks during the next day, just because you're in a hurry or lazy. Don't track your calories, this would just put you under pressure, rather track your macros to make sure your body gets the nutrients he needs.

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Watch some youtube tutorials on what and how to meal prep or just some "what I eat in a week" to get some inspiration

5. Sleep
At least 6 hours per night, also avoid to sleeping too long that might aswell decrease your productivity. I know it's hard but try to put away all your electrical devices half an hour before your bedtime, use this time to distract you from your daily life and your worries by reading a book, writing diary,... Think about what you've done to achieve your lifestyle goal and what you still can improve, that's also a good way to start your mornings.

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6. Workout
This is the hardest part for me because I'm really lazy. Force yourself to do a little workout every few days (some crunches/squads...), you're going to be really happy afterwards. Start with making little decisions rather take the stairs than the lift,... If you're struggling reward yourself with something little when you're done.

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In case you don't know what to do, there are plenty of great workout apps out there

6. Expectations
Changing your body and your lifestyle will take some time, don't expect them within a week or something. You should try every change (new way of eating, no workout,...) for at least a month to judge weather it works for you or not. You are going to be the first person noticing any changes, however it will take other people some more time, don't get disappointed you're on the right way.

Do what makes you happy
Probably the most important part, if something makes you unhappy you have no motivation to do it and you shouldn't do it anyways.
You feel like having pizza - have pizza
You feel like staying in bed all day - stay in bed
You feel like going out for a run - go out running
The only thing that stops you from reaching your goals is yourself, so start working on your body and your mind to see success.

Thanks for reading, I hope it helped you a little