You sit. You wait. You wish. And you don`t do anything to change where are you now.
Time goes by. Time never makes pauses, never stops and never waits for anyone. And you still sit and wait for something.

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Laziness is killing people. Not literally, but laziness is preventing us from doing what we want and achieving our dreams. Procrastination is what we all do. It`s a comfort zone, yet that is the place where dreams don`t come true.

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It happens to all of us that, in some point in our life we are unhappy, and we wish to change. Maybe you wish to be more productive, or to study more, or to change career or lose weight. Sometimes we even make plan how to get where we want to be, and never make first step.
Stop waiting. Get up and try. Do something different and see new results. Don`t let laziness take your dreams away from you. Don`t wait on some miracle, get your butt up and start doing stuff. You can do it!

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