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Gloing up is mental, emotional and physical.
And the road to gloing up starts off with investing in yourself, which I talk about in my previous article.

Here I have included some glo up tips to make you look and feel your absolute best.


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❀ trim split ends
❀ massage scalp to stimulate growth
❀ moisturize your hair
❀ avoid heat
❀ eat healthy
❀ keep scalp clean + healthy
❀ trim split ends

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❀ if you're into makeup practice to get better
❀ get your nails + feet + brows done regularly
❀ wash face twice daily and invest in good skincare products
❀ follow a cleansing - toning - moisturizing routine daily. without fail.
❀ avoid junk food and drink lots of water
❀ exfoliate once a week
❀ get enough sleep

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❀ consistency is key
❀ exercise 3-5 times per week
❀ set goals + routine
❀ don't skip meals
❀ fall in love with fitness
❀ use deodorant
❀ find a good body wash + scrub

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❀ find your own style, don't just wear what everyone is wearing
❀ buy wardrobe essentials + basics
❀ invest in a designer item once in a while
❀ iron your clothes
❀ try thrifting
❀ look at yourself in the mirror before you leave home
❀ find inspiration

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remember, you were made to bloom baby.