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1. Pictures taken together
2. Really long hugs
3. Sing her favorite song, even if it's not in tune
4. Real, deep conversations
5. Random surprises
6. Cute dates and flowers
7. Telling her how much you love her
8. Sincere compliments
9. Slow dances
10. His hoodie that smells like him
11. Bringing her favorite foods
12. nonsense, but funny conversations
13. Lying on the ground watching the stars
14. Good morning and good night texts
15. Patience when she is in tears
16. Holding her hand and kissing her on the cheek
17. Holding the door open for her
18. Binge watching a t.v. show together
19. Cute, long texts messages
20. Cuddling with her
21. Holding her hand while driving

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