I haven't wrote articles here before but had to try this :) Here are some of the many places around the world that are on my must visit -list:


architecture, colosseum, and italy image travel, rome, and city image
All roads lead to Rome


church, firenze, and florence image beautiful, europe, and town image
Where Renaissance originated


venice, italy, and travel image italy and venice image
Got to go there before the city sinks!


europe, Island, and madeira image madeira island, trail, and unesco image
Nice and warm all year long


green, nature, and plants image city, beautiful, and sunset image
Intriguing city state in Asia


travel, architecture, and budapest image city, budapest, and travel image
In the shores of the Danube


london, uk, and england image architecture, around the world, and europe image
There's nowhere else like London. Nothing at all, anywhere
- Vivienne Westwood


castle, city, and cityscape image scotland, edinburgh, and nature image
Beautiful capital of Scotland


snow image city, goals, and Great Britain image
One of the greatest universities and lovely architecture


summer, beach, and luxury image beach, ocean, and paradise image
Paradise island


bike, amsterdam, and city image city, amsterdam, and house image
City of canals

Matamata / New Zealand

hobbit, nature, and house image nature, travel, and mountains image
Hobitton especially but the whole country is worth seeing


flowers, vintage, and street image book, library, and dublin image
Irish people are so nice


sea, Croatia, and split image Croatia image
Historic city and beautiful beaches


paris, france, and eiffel tower image france, louvre, and paris image
The legendary city of love

Taj Mahal / Agra

black, india, and photography image agra, goa, and Hindu image
Monument of love and many other places


architecture, art, and building image city, beautiful, and place image
The golden city

New York

city, light, and new york image city, Dream, and new york image
The concrete jungle where dreams are made of
- Empire state of mind by Jay-Z

Thank you for your intrest! What are the places you want to travel to?