Well, its quite weird having 'Visual Culture' as one of my collection in weheartit.. This collection is quite overlap with 'Art of Portrait' and 'Artsy Stuff' i believed.. Although i know that this part will only be understood by some followers who did recognize it. It's still hard for me to know exactly what kind of images should be in this collection.

First of all, 'Visual Culture' one of the academic program that i'm willing to explore one day. I believed that this program could take me exploring visual field other than films, let say visual art, fine art, television, photography, digital media and all those virtual recent day stuff. So yeah, i want to give my self to this creature named 'Visual Culture'

I know what written down here seems like a kids with a big dreams. Let say 7 years old kids that wondering to be a astronauts, 15 years old girl who have their university dreaming. Seems not realistic.. hoping one day can study abroad.. meet this sexy programs... read a books and exploring stuff in very enthusiastic ways.. The things that been forgotten since i was in my fourth semester undergraduate programs studying films.

I always tell to my self..
"You should do something juu.. to make this come true.."
There several list that i'd writing it down in every different kind of notebooks and paper wall:

First, you should build it up your own baggage of visual knowledge. Don't be such passive student one day when you get this program, you should be an active kind of student.

Second, try to make some essay, articles anything that related to this subject. Be a person who always see everything - social, technological, cultural, political issues . Open up to every single things.

Third, practicing your English more.. i think write down this article in weheartit is part of practicing my English.

Fourth, build a link .. where you can express you thought, idea and contribute your own text (essay or article). You should listen to anybody who critique your text. Practicing again and again and once more again.

This articles is dedicated to all of you out there who wants to continuing study - undergraduate, graduate or maybe until postgraduate. Needs some little motivation what list should be done. So this is my list, what yours?