In WHI Travel, Team We Heart It shares unique, adventurous and magical places that must be added to your bucketlist. Breath taking cities, magical activities and once in a lifetime experiences. To safe you time we will share complete initiaries, hotspot lists and absolute highlights. This week: Disneyland Paris!

disney and disneyland image
I felt like a real Disney princess up here!

Last month Disneyland Paris invited us over to explore the park and share its magic with you. Disneyland Paris turned 25 this year and is celebrating this with dazzling daytime shows and exciting parades all year round.

✨✨ Time to sparkle! ✨✨

Coming from Amsterdam, Paris isn't exactly right around the corner so we decided to drive to Paris a day before. Our park visit was scheduled on a Saturday, so we left early Friday giving us lots of time to arrive in Paris before dark.

After a 6 hour drive we finally arrived at our hotel, which was located a ten minute drive from the Disney area. Since we were very hungry we decided to drive to the Disney Village to get some food. Disney Village is an area in front of the Disney parks (Disneyland Park & Walt Disney Studios Park) which can be accessed for free. Here you'll find Disney shops, lots of places to get food and even a cinema! After trying on tens of Minnie Mouse hats we sat down at Five Guys - a delicious fastfood concept we don't have in The Netherlands.

burgers, fastfood, and fries image
This was verrrry tasty!

After a good - but short - night of sleep, we grabbed breakfast and drove to Disneyland where we arrived around 9.30 AM (yes, we were late, I know). After picking up our 2 Parks 1 Day tickets, we decided to visit the Disneyland Park first.

Upon entering the park we could immediately feel the magic everywhere. Even though I'm 24 years old already, I still am a sucker for anything fantasy and magical. We put on our Minnie Mouse hats and with our mouths wide open we started exploring the park.

adventure, balloons, and brunette image
Can I take all of these please?

After spending around 4 hours in the Disneyland Park, we decided to hop over to Walt Disney Studios. Since the parks are basically next to each other, it just took us a few minutes to get from Disneyland Park to Walt Disney Studios. Compared to Disneyland Park, Walt Disney Studios was a lot less crowded. The rides in this park are more focused on adventure whereas Disneyland Park is really focusing on the magical aspect of the experience.

As you will see on the maps below, Walt Disney Studios is a lot smaller than Disneyland Park. The combination of the size of the park and the fact it wasn't crowded caused us to 'finish' the park in 2 hours - yes, 2! Exciting as we were about being able to see so much, we decided to head back to Disneyland Park to get some rest and have some food. We chose a cute restaurant that looked a lot like the Three Broomsticks from Harry Potter, and got some pizza slices and salad.

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If you didn't watch Toy Story when you were a kid, we unfortunately cannot be friends ;-)

After finishing up our food, we were right in time to check out the Disney Parade. Iconic characters like Mickey & Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Tinkerbell, Buzz Lightyear, Cinderella and many others came dancing by and the vibe was absolutely great.

Exhausted of the past 36 hours, we decided to take some last photos and head back to our hotel. What an amazing and magical day!

brunette, fashion, and lookbook image
Pretending I'm in New York when I'm actually just at a movie set

Rides you can't miss!

Since planning our visit took a lot of time, we're making it easy for you to pick which rides you should go on and which ones you can skip.

Must visits at Disneyland Park

  • Big Thunder Mountain (adventurous)
  • Indiane Jones And The Temple Of Peril (adventurous)
  • La Cabane Des Robinsons (magical)
  • Meet Mickey Mouse (magical)
  • Peter Pan's Flight (magical)
  • Pirates Of The Caribbean (adventurous)
  • Princess Pavillion (magical)
  • Sleeping Beauty Castle (magical!!)
Image by Niny Ezinga

Must visits at Walt Disney Studios

  • Crush's Coaster (adventurous)
  • Studio Tram Tour: Behind The Magic (magical)
  • The Twilight Zone Tower Of Terror (adventurous!!)
  • Rock 'n Roller Coatser (adventurous)
Image by Niny Ezinga

If you have only one full day to spend in both parks (we think this should be enough, especially when you can visit on week days), use the night before to explore the area a little. We loved strolling around Disney Village at night watching all these cute shops and grab some food. If you'd like, you could even watch a movie at the cinema!

Heart this if you went to Disneyland too, or if Disneyland is still on your bucketlist!