I need a planner to organize my whole life. Im a total chaos.

I use the planner basically to do a weekly routine and a month routine because my work days are not the same every week and I need to write them all in the calendar. This makes me focus on what matters.

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< In your planner you can set goals, long-term or short-term goals. You can use this to stay focused on what you have to do to be able to fulfill them.

< Daily to-do's. This is very very important because apart from having a calendar where you can write for example the days of work they also have a daily diary

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< In my daily diary I have enough space to write the movies Im going to watch, restaurants I want to try, books to read, favourite words or quotes and also things I have to buy.

< I have a web site so I need to stablish some days to write in it.

< Im love with check lists. They are necessary to not forget anything

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< Important dates. You will have a problem if you forgot them.

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< Favourite memories. I have a bad memory and if I dont write the day of important dates I will end up forgetting.

< Wish list. You can write this part with pencil so you can add or remove wherever you want.

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< Life goals. The same with the wish list, my advice is to write it with pencil. Sometimes life goals change.

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< Anniversaries to remember. If you have a very bad memory like mine write all dates.

< Classes to take.

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< Birthdays. I know that facebook tells you all birthdays but what about if you dont have internet??

< Make a productivity playlist. It can be to run or just to study.

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< Bills to pay.

< Decorate your planner as much as you want. It´s your planner, so make it your own.

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