I apologise in advance if any of these images aren't from these cities I've listed. These are just some of the results I got when I was searching for images.

Paris, France

france and paris image paris, tour eiffel, and travel image paris, travel, and france image city, paris, and travel image
I have wanted to go for a while now, so hopefully when I'm older I get the opportunity to go.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, city, and spain image city, travel, and beach image architecture, travel, and church image alone, Barcelona, and bcn image
The scenery looks so appealing to me idk why

Venice, Italy

venice, italy, and travel image beautiful, europe, and travel image heaven, italy, and tree image beauty image
I would pick Venice over Rome, however I would like to see both

Los Angeles, California

beach, california, and sunset image la photo image luxury image los angeles image
Forever I have wanted to go to LA, as I'm from Australia and watch way to many things from America

Monte Carlo, France

travel, flowers, and food image travel, city, and places image city, monte carlo, and travel image aesthetic, alternative, and awesome image
The beaches look beautiful here

Havana, Cuba

city, cuba, and travel image peach, building, and aesthetic image car, city, and sky image antiguo, autos, and ciudad image
Reminds me of Camila Cabello's song :)

Santorini, Greece

Greece, summer, and sea image Dream, paradise, and inlove image Inspiring Image on We Heart It pool, Greece, and summer image
OMG the views in these images are gorgeous, wish i could go

London, England

beautiful, places, and travel image travel, london, and england image bridge, eye, and holiday image city, budapest, and travel image
I've wanted to go for the longest time

Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Temporarily removed Image by ɹɐbnǝl ǝsɔoqǝpo beach and travel image summer, beach, and bora bora image
The ocean is so blue!!

The Bahamas, Caribbean

bahamas, Miami, and myrtle beach image ocean, beach, and sea image adventure, bahamas, and beach image summer, beach, and sea image
ARGHHH!! its so pretty

I have a travel collection if you want to chuck it a follow:

Thanks for reading this article. Hopefully I write another one soon :)