Hey guys this article is inspired by an article I read from @juliecsr_ I have always been into designing and decorating journals from a very young age, I decided to give you guys some ideas and inspiration of my favourite 3 types of journals! In a future post I will do a "how to" on of the these... so stay posted xo

  • Bullet Journal
  • Poetry book
  • Travel Diary
art, college, and journal image journal and bullet journal image planner, school, and stationery image Image by Lenya Nim
Bullet Journal
journal, art, and bullet journal image journal, art, and art journal image journal image journal, art, and book image
Poetry Book
travel, map, and book image travel, book, and Dream image travel, world, and wanderlust image art, journal, and book image
Travel Diary

Thank you so much for reading, and I hope you feel inspired. Stay posted for more ... xo