a playlist of chill songs

1. Gravity: MONSTA X

anime, eyes, and sad image Image by madscientist
"Like a book with all words erased, my dizzy emotions settled. But with just one look, love came with no time to dream. Even my empty days changed with just one touch from you."

2. D (Half Moon): DEAN FT. GAEKO

aesthetic, gif, and cute image
Nothing’s really different. It’s the same air, It’s the same bed, looking at the same ceiling. Why do I feel so empty for no reason at all? It’s been a few hours since I’ve been spacing out."

3. Coffee: BTS

anime, gif, and coffee image
"When we dated, I wondered; what kind of taste this was. But, this cold and bitter aftertaste makes sense now that you’re not here."

4. What You Need: THE WEEKND

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"I'm the drug in your veins; just fight through the pain"

5. Honestly: MONSTA X

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"I loved you more than anyone else. You were the most beautiful girl in the universe What exactly happened to me; I wanna turn back time. Should I be honest? You know too, that I feel nothing when I see you"

6. Moonlight: ARIANA GRANDE

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"I never knew you could hold moonlight in your hands 'Til the night I held you, you're my moonlight"

7. Intro: Serendipity : BTS

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"We bloom till it gets cold. Maybe it’s the way of the universe; that’s how it is."

8. She's Dreaming: EXO

anime, sleep, and sleeping image
"She’s dreaming.A night thick with moonlight, it’s our only time together."

Playlist Link: https://open.spotify.com/user/fightcr/playlist/4yYY2XOuH2Omm0w24DX6N1