heeey everyone !!

ahah im colbi joy laturi but i mostly go by colbi joy :) im new to "articles" and this one is just me trying to figure it out so hopefully if youre reading this you enjoy it !

i titled this article "lifes a climb.." (a lyric from my girl miley who ive looked up to since i was just a little girl) because right now in my life ive been going through a lot - friends, family, school, sports, and relationships.

recently my best friend and i have been arguing and tbh.. i really dont know why. ive been texting her and telling her i want things to go back to normal. she finally texted back and agreed w me. honestly w any problems you may have is to just stay positive and work it out bc eventually everything will go back to normal.

school.. is just school. i think all of you can agree that we also have troubles w it unless youre like super smart and get everything lol - not that person at allllll ! when i study i have to spend hours and hours and all i get is a B. yes ik a B is a good grade but for all the time i put into it i just wish i could get As yenno ???

lemme tell you one thing.. sports are my life. my passion is basketball. i play all year round and i love it more than anything. my goal is to play college ball. rn im talking to a couple college coaches and im super excited.

well.. thats all i have for right now

hope you enjoyed :)